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If this is the case ppjoy joystick is possible to use a third party program, such as glovepie, to control the virtual joystick. Ppjoy was originally designed for joysticksgamepads such as playstation, sega, snes super nintendo gamepads as well as those of older game consoles, like the atari connected to the parallel port of your pc, but it also supports other devices connected via usb, midi or the virtual. Do i need a new version of joyjoy to use a joystick mixer, or will the old version continue to work. Joysticks, ppjoy, and kinect ravbugglovepie wiki github. To start emulating the parallel port joysticks click on the run button at the top of the glovepie window. Ppjoy includes the drivers with which you can use your old console gamepad on your computer. The original creator stopped maintaining it and the original site went down. Ppjoy is a parallel port joystick driver, but it also lets you create virtual joysticks. Parallel port gamepads with ppjoy all keyboards mice with up to 5 buttons and 2 scroll wheels most microphones dont have to be high quality most midi input or output devices essential reality p5 glove 5dt data glove all versions emagin z800 3d visor hmd.

Ppjoy parallel port joystick detects old gamepads connected to the parallel port, allowing the user to configure them to work with windows and, furthermore. I have only 1 parallel port on my pc and id like to use it with multiple. Downloads programs ppjoy parallel port joystick win7 version. Enjoy playing with your gamepad by downloading ppjoy for free. Ppjoy was designed for joysticks connected to the parallel port but it also supports other devices via the virtual joystick interface supported devices are. Then under parallel port choose virtual joystick and under controller. The drivers included allow you to use sega, playstation, nes gamepads, as well as older game consoles such as atari by connecting them via the parallel port.

Xbox 360 controllers with glovepie, you need to download and install ppjoy. I have uploaded my copy so people can continue using it. Using ppjoy and glovepie you can turn a midi controller into one or. Many video game consoles have been launched over the last few decades, each one of which has had its. So did we love the most about these games are the remotelycontrolled gaming experience now imagine ppjoy joystick happiness getting doubled up. Parallel port joystick 10 driver for windows 7 32 bit, windows 7 64 bit, windows 10, 8, xp. Ppjoy parallel port joystick win7 version description. Ppjoy is a joystick driver for windows that allows you to use old console joysticksgamepads on your computer.

After setup is complete, open the start menu, expand all programs, then find and expand the parallel port joystick folder. This is the version that everyone is looking for, this works under windows 7 if driver enforcer is disabled. Ppjoy is a device driver for windows 2000 and xp with some support for windows 98 and me that allows you to connect old digital joysticks and gamepads to the parallel port. Ppjoy virtual joystick utilities autohotkey community. Uploaded on 482019, downloaded 3620 times, receiving a 76100 rating by 1874 users. Real1 refers to the first joystick that is not a ppjoy virtual joystick. Windows 2000xp device driver for joysticks and gamepads connected to the parallel port. Howto use wiimote as gamecube gamepad gcpad in dolphin.

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