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Richard linklaters true life black comedy manages the remarkable achievement of making jack black bearable. It looks at the story of the real life murder of marjorie nugent by her friend and partner bernie tiede. Bernie tiede released from prison, will live with bernie. He confessed, had a jury trial and was sentenced to life in prison. The convict, bernie tiede, 55, in plain clothes for the first time in 17 years, slid into the front seat of the suv that linklater had rented for the fourandahalf hour drive. Bernie was a bit eccentric but beloved by his entire community of carthage, texas. The movie is extremely interesting and does an excellent job portraying the bizarre elements of tiedes life and the relationship that led to murder. Bernie interview with shirley mclaine and jack black. In richard linklaters droll comedy bernie, jack black plays an east texas funeral director named bernie tiede, and it is surely one of the performances of the year. Gripon refused to reevaluate his opinion unless he was allowed to interview bernie alone. Charming movie and jack black was wonderful as bernie. Guns are fired, and a woman is shot from behind with a rifle its shocking rather than grisly. Back to gallery some local faces pop up in bernie, the jack blackshirley maclaine movie comedy that is a breakout hit at the box office.

He quickly made himself part of the community by being extra nice to. The case inspired the 2011 movie, bernie, directed by richard linklater. Tiede confessed to the shooting of a wealthy 80yearold widow, marjorie marge nugent, in carthage, texas on november 19, 1996. My grandmother was an 80yearold wealthy widow in carthage when tiede shot and killed her in 1996. In smalltown texas, an affable mortician strikes up a friendship with a wealthy widow, though when she starts to become controlling, he goes to great lengths to separate himself from her grasp. But where the hollywood film ended, the real life story carried on. Bernie interview with shirley mclaine and jack black duration. Hot ones s7 e2 tenacious d gets rocked by spicy wings hot ones duration. Carthage, texas one way or another, bernie tiede, has been. He creates this character out of thin air, its like nothing hes done before, and it proves that an actor can be a miraculous thing in the right. Bernie is a great biopic concerning bernie tiede played spectacularly by jack black. Bernie tiede came to the small town of carthage to work at a funeral home. The movie bernie, directed by richard linklater and starring jack black, is released and interest is sparked again the unusual case of tiede. Theres more to our story than what the movie bernie shows.

The opening sequence, which crosscuts between blacks bernie and interviews with real citizens of carthage recalling tiede, establishes the mix of documentary and recreation that linklater pursues throughout the filmbut, crucially, without the reliable stylistic divisions that would separate fact from fiction, as some of the. Got her up tiede replied, as his attorney, jodi cole, interrupted the interview. When hes not working as an assistant funeral director, bernie is a happy, friendly, considerate, and involved member of the community, going to church, performing stage plays, and handing out friendly advice and socializing with every person he can find. Mortician whose murder case inspired film bernie returns. There are talkinghead interviews with carthage townspeople. Jack black talks about the research he has done and his encounter with the real bernie to prepare for the movie. Tiede, portrayed by jack black in the 2011 movie bernie, was a fulltime companion to the 80yearold nugent before he shot her to death and hid her in a freezer for nine months. Murderer bernie tiede denied new trial by appeals court. I just snapped, bernie tiede speaks out from prison about the movie based on his life may 17, 2012 at 1. Its so funny seeing all the townspeople being blunt and honest during the interview sessions throughout the movie. The narrative being played out between bernie and marjorie seems like one movie and the impromptu interviews with the townsfolk feels like another, neither of which could sustain a feature just as.

Bernie tiedes unlikely story of friendship and murder was adapted by richard linklater in 2011 and now the freed killer will live with the director as part of his bail terms. The murder is the subject of the 2011 critically acclaimed film bernie, directed by richard linklater and starring jack black as tiede. Carthage folks react to bernie movie longview newsjournal. Using talking head interviews with real life residents of carthage, texas as well as actors. The movie translation is playful and cunning but never escapes the. Bernie tells the story of bernie tiede, an assistant funeral director in a small texan town, a pillar of the community and murderer of marjorie nugent, a cantankerous wealthy widow who made tiede the benefactor of her sizeable estate set in a gossiping bible belt town, bernie is a. The article shared a little of the comedic tone of the movie, but it also contained a portrait of a pretty. In 2011, the movie bernie based on bernie tiedes life was released. On music, mayhem and murder actor jack black plays a kindly, smalltown funeral director who murders a wealthy millionaire in the new film bernie.

He uses a documentary style of interviews intercut with more traditional narrative scenes to piece together how the sweetfaced bernie tiede ended up in prison for shooting the richest, sourest. Richard linklaters new film, bernie, which opens tomorrow, is the latest entry in the distinctive genre of the pisser, which i described last year, in regard to the hbo movie cinema. Jack black on bernie interviews, linklater has halfjokingly called it his fargo, but this movies folksy warmth is as far from the coen brothers chilly nihilism as well, as carthage, texas is from fargo, n. The opening sequence, which crosscuts between blacks bernie and interviews with real citizens of carthage recalling tiede, establishes the mix of. Killer bernie tiede is freed and will live in richard. The film based on the case, directed by linklater, starred jack black as tiede and shirley macclaine as nugent. This richard linklaterdirected movie based on true events, and featuring interviews with those who actually knew the key players, is an offbeat concoction that. In addition, the movie features a large number of the actual citizens of carthage in interview segments talking about bernie tiede and the people and events that. The movies tagline is a story so unbelievable it must be true.

Truth is stranger than fiction in bernie melissa block talks with skip hollandsworth. We meet bernie tiede 1958, a chubby undertaker, who takes pride in his work. In smalltown carthage, texas in 1996, local assistant mortician bernie tiede. Bernie tiede jack black marjorie nugent shirley maclaine danny buck davidson matthew mcconaughey with. Mortician who inspired bernie movie sent back to prison. Bernie movie leads to bernies freedom the texas tribune. In a series of interviews with townspeople, mixed with flashbacks, we follow bernie. Jack black plays bernie tiede, the reallife, convicted killer from carthage, texas, who despite his conviction was beloved in the town by. The mortician, the murder, the movie produced by jamie stolz and marc goldbaum carthage, texas one way or another, bernie tiede, has been dealing with death and darkness since he was 3 years old. With jack black, shirley maclaine, matthew mcconaughey, brady coleman. More than 15 years ago, bernie tiede shot 81yearold marjorie nugent in the back four times and stuffed her body inside the freezer at her carthage, texas, home. Assistant funeral director bernie tiede jack black is one of the mostbeloved residents in the small texas town of carthage.

Bernie tiede, extexas mortician, freed from prison early. A couple of weeks before production began on bernie, jack black and i got permission to visit bernie tiede at the mcconnell prison unit in beeville, where he was serving a life sentence for killing marjorie nugent. Jack, meeting the man he was about to portray, was naturally absorbing everything about bernie. Bernie is based on the true story of bernie tiede, an assistant funeral director and general dogooder, who confessed to killing marjorie nugent, a very rich and mean old lady. Sundayschool teacher, choir member and creator of spectacular. Bernie with jack black and shirley maclaine the new. Bernie, richard linklaters gaudily vibrant, at times morbidly funny truecrime story, takes place in the east texas town of carthage, which, at the time when sweet bernie tiede jack. Bernie tiede recognized by the 1997 murder in carthage, tx and the 2012 movie titled with his name.

It was directed by richard linklater and starred jack black as tiede. He gives bernie a high texas twang that manages to be soothingly gentle while also betraying an abundance of repressed. The whole movie rests primarily on the shoulders of black, whom linklater turned into a bankable star with school of rock a film that utilized blacks verbally nimble, highenergy likability in ways no other picture quite has. In carthage, texas, in 1996, bernie tiede jack black, a young man with beautiful manners, works as an assistant funeral director and brings consolation and light to his small town.

Watch bernie trailers and video, including teasers, extended looks, exclusive clips, footage, sneak peeks, interviews, and more on moviefone. Shot with a mix of scenes played by actors and reallive interviews with carthages finest, who. I just snapped, bernie tiede speaks out from prison. Bernie tiede is the ultimate christian funeral director, beloved by the residents of smalltown carthage, texas. Bernie is a 2011 american dark comedy film directed by richard linklater, written by linklater. Today, as a movie is set to be released about the events surrounding the murder and the townfolks reaction, the players involved in tiedes trial.

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