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His fellow trekkers may have met them as well when they were in the custody of the mariames and yguazes whose homelands were in the vicinity of the lower reach of the guadalupe river. Choc visuel, et choc des cultures comme theme du film. With juan diego, daniel gimenez cacho, roberto sosa, carlos castanon. After living captive among native peoples of the presentday texas coast for almost six. During spains process of exploration and conquest in the western hemisphere, the chronicle, a traditional genre in. Much attention has been directed to fleshing out details of the explorers life and trying to pinpoint the route he and his companions traveled from the gulf shores through south texas and deep into. This film was based on the novel of the same name, and it was directed by nicolas echevarria. He became known as a shaman among the native american tribes he encountered, which helped him survive. The narvaez army first passed through ucita where narvaez cut off the chiefs nose, then inland ten to twelve leagues, to and across the fordable, 150 ft. I was expecting this film to make me fall asleep, but the.

However, it portrays european christians as uniformly hostile, abusive and morally bankrupt. In 1528, a spanish expedition founders off the coast of florida with 600 lives lost. He was one of four survivors of the narvaez expedition and shipwreck. A handful of survivors from a disastrous 1528 spanish expedition to florida journey across the coast until they reach mexico. Smith award, and the new england council of latin american studies 2000 best.

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