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Source code is licensed under the gnu lesser general public license. Download smartermail business email server for windows. Download the latest build of smartermail for a free microsoft exchange alternative, supporting pop, smtp, imap, activesync, caldav, carddav and more. Smartermail is a webmail interface that allows users to send and receive. How to modify settings in smartermail video tutorial. Then, when asked for a license key during installation, leave that area blank. How to open email messages in smartermail video tutorial. Logging in to smartermail for the first time youtube.

As the old forum is due to be removed shortly we have moved the information about our free tool to the smartertools community. Though a later version has been released since this video was. This utility is a simple log analyzer for smartermail log files. Access your email, calendars, contacts, tasks, chats and notes in the office, on the road, or at home with. If you dont have a license key but want to try smartermail on a single domain for up to 10 mailboxes, you can simply download smartermail.

Sometimes the improper status for smartermail services can cause email sendingreceiving failure. Smartermails pop retrieval service will download email messages from the inbox of another server via pop3 and deliver them to your smartermail mailbox. This video walks through the getting started wizard for smartermail 14. Portal home knowledgebase smartertools products smartermail smartermail video tutorials categories 2. It can give you lots of information about your audio to help you make critical mixing and mastering decisions. You can check the status of smartermail services and make it active if you are facing problem in sendingreceiving emails. Download the most uptodate current build or check the legacy builds tab for information on how to download unsupported versions. By logging in, youre accepting cookies for this site. To download legacy builds, please login to the account management area and use the legacy builds page. You will be directed to my today page in which main screen will list date and recent activities. Jul 22, 2014 this utility is a simple log analyzer for smartermail log files.

Smartermail free download free software download for. Unlike exchange, features like audio and video group chat, and team workspaces for team meetings and group collaboration are included at no extra charge. See how smartermail caters to end users, and business owners with synchronization, collaboration, reporting, anti spam and more. Viux systems is one of a small number of smartertools resellers, allowing viux to sell licenses for smartermail to endusers, businesses, and even to other web hosts. We decided to write the software to help us track down compromised accounts that have been sending spam from our smartermail server and thought that it might also be of some use to the community. If you dont have a license key but want to try smarterstats for a single website, you can simply download smarterstats. Its a fullyfunctional product that has some enterprise features builtin. To use smartermail, javascript must be enabled for your browser and internet explorers enhanced security mode must be disabled. Your information, such as current space usage and unread message counts, is presented in an easy to read and understandable manner. How to mix with a spectrum analyser span tutorial youtube. How to import emails and contacts from another email service in smartermail video tutorial.

Once smarterstats finishes installing, it will run as the free edition. You can check the status of smartermail services and make it active. The results should show the originating ip address. The video covers topics such as default settings for. Webmail is not compatible with privateincognito browsing. This video walks through configuring smartermail after you have it installed and set up. Span by voxengo is one of the best free plugins available.

Smartermail is the only onprem email alternative to exchange for web hosts, isps, small. The first time you login, you will need to select local time zone from drop down list, country and postal. Using the response from this api call you can obtain details like a custom logo, custom login title, determine whether password recovery is an option for this server, etc. Since it runs locally on the server, it can return larger result sets than the log searching within smartermail itself. One primary difference between pop and imap is that a pop account will generally retrieve the messages then delete them from the originating server. Upon logging into smartermail, you are greeted with a simple but powerful web interface. Our expert industry analysis and practical solutions help you make better buying decisions and get more from technology.

It covers how to set the system administrator user, add in ips and dns. You can perform the following steps to check the status of smartermail services. Download smarterstats web analytics and seo software. See how smartermail caters to end users, domain administrators, system administrators and business owners with synchronization, collaboration, reporting, anti spam and more. For more information on internet explorers enhanced security mode. In this hostpapa tutorial, we will show you how to login to smartermail. X by logging in, youre accepting cookies for this site. If an originating ip address cant be found, youll have to. Media3 has been a leader in developing bestofbreed hosting solutions since 1995. Make sure that all the services are active, if any service is inactive, you can start it by selecting that service and press on start button from top. Smartermail business email and collaboration server. Smartermail offers all of the same features as microsoft exchange, but at a fraction of the cost. Purchasing smartermail licenses from viux saves money because you get the same license as from smartertools at a 10% discount. This video covers the initial installation of smartermail plus configuring a website in iis using the included iis configuration tool.

We are constantly testing and adding new services to bring more options to your web development efforts. In the tree menu on the left you will find various help topics that will help you use smartermail more effectively. Sendmail log analyzer is a tool to monitor sendmail usage and generate html and graph reports. Smartermail was designed for the way you use email, so reading, replying, and composing new messages is a breeze. The smartermail api is jsonbased and has been organized to best allow you to automate as many facets of the product as youd like. At the top of each page, there are links that will allow you to search the help, watch product videos, visit the smartertools community, browse the knowledge base or either print the page. This video gives some details about getting smartermail set up after users go through the getting started wizard. Open internet browser and go to url specified by your webmail provider. Smartermail download smartermail delivers exchangelevel email server software and instant messaging.

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